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April 8 / 8pm / Unit 44 / Free entry (donation)

Free improv concert by Johannes V. Buttlar with support from Kirkos’ members Yseult Stockdale Cooper and Sebastian Adams. 

[No booking required]

Voice Cracks — Rūta Vitkauskaitė
April 9 / 7.30pm / Unit 44 / Pay as you can: 0- 10€

Avant-garde works exploring breathing and voice imperfections in tune with refined violin sound, by Lithuanian-Scottish composer-violinist Rūta Vitkauskaitė, also inviting some audience participation (if you wish).

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On The Prowl — Totaleee (Day 1)
Workshop: April 15 / 3.00pm - 6.00pm / Unit 44
Concert: April 14 / 7.00pm / Unit 44

Electroacoustic total impro from Italy:
"On the Prowl" is a concert of radical and non-idiomatic electroacoustic improvisation bye the laptop trio Totaleee.

Improvisation workshop with Totaleee:
What are the fundamental elements of improvisation practices? Are there universally accepted references when improvising with someone just met? Is it possible to meet and play without defining anything in advance? How do we train our ears and muscles to build up that reactivity that is so necessary during improvisation?  

NTE - On The Prowl

An Evening of Earthly DelightsApril 30 / 8pm / Unit 44 / 5-10€

Prepare for an experimental cabaret evening of intrigue, laughter, controversy and fascination for your delights. Sean Bell’s Dowland Downloaded and Mr. Garagely are on tour in April/May 2024. They will explore reality and fiction across Ireland, Norway, UK and The Netherlands. For each night the two are complemented with a local act, creating an experimental dadaist cabaret of variety. For Unit 44 and Dublin they join the stage with Covers Blown.

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Ireti — NikNakMay 9 / 7pm / Unit 44 / 5-10€

Step into the afrofuturistic world of Ireti.  

NikNak performs her new album live with special guest Tadhg K! For fans of Ghost In The Shell, Akira and more, this is for you... Get ready to step inside a whole new world as award-winning artist NikNak invites you to experience live the world of Ireti, her brand new album on Accidental Records... 

Dressing & McEvoy/MaguireMay 11 / 8pm / Unit 44

Dublin's Dressing (Kevin Kirwan) presents a rare set of his sparse, textural noise; Aonghus McEvoy and Phil Maguire perform improvised guitar and synthesiser..