Line of Sight – 
Paul Scully

Kirkos Ensemble, dotted around the dunes on the North Bull Island Nature Reserve, perform over a Zoom call; engaging with each other and their surroundings. Follow the live stream of a guided walk through the dunes and watch/listen as each performer is encountered in the wild.

The performers follow a graphic score based on lunar phases and the tidal movement of Dublin Bay over two months, while also taking cues from the surrounding landscape. 

Line of Sight touches on themes of separation and isolation during the pandemic — from people, but also from our environment, its landscape and its soundscape, as well as the separation between digital and ‘real world’ human connection.

( Watch video here )

“I was excited to take part in biosphere because it was a great opportunity to engage with my local area. Bull Island was an important outlet for me during the pandemic so I was happy to be able to write a site-specific piece for it.”

Dublin-based composer Paul Scully studied composition at Trinity College Dublin with Evangelia Rigaki, graduating in 2016. From 2017 to 2020, he ran the Irish Composers’ Collective. 

His piece Ursatz I, written for the RTE NCO and Symphonic Waves Youth Orchestra, was selected for performance as part of Galway 2020. Variations for piano written for Beethoven’s 250th birthday premiered online in August 2020, as did his piece Virtual Reality Therapy (voice, piano, melodica, electronics, and GPT-2 [language model]) for one performer.

In his current work he is exploring the use of speech and language in music, microtonality, AI, Virtual & Augmented Reality, the uncanny valley and soundscape ecology.