TIDE – Tom Lane

A site-specific composition for solo horn, beach and sea by Tom Lane.

Sea level rise as a result of global warming is one of the world's most important issues. Studies estimate a rise of between 50 and 90 cm by the end of this century. Some later studies have concluded that a global sea level rise of 200 to 270 cm this century is physically plausible. Dublin has a tidal range of around 5m but this is exacerbated by storm surges. A catastrophic storm during high tide which would leave thousands of homes, businesses and landmark buildings in Dublin under water is inevitable over the coming decades (The Irish Times, November 4th 2019). The complex interplay between tidal ranges and sea level rise will become more and more important as this century unfolds. This performance seeks to draw attention to the already powerful and dramatic daily tidal changes which can be seen around Dublin. Burrow beach is a beautiful location on the outskirts of the city which can easily be reached by bike and public transport. The shallow beach means that the tidal changes are highly dramatic and at low tide the sea is seemingly impossible to reach.

( Watch video here )

“I wanted to be part of biosphere because I believe that it is essential that the climate crisis is addressed by all sectors of society. The world of music and composition needs to find solutions to the challenges we already face. Kirkos are leading the way with this inspirational idea.”

Tom Lane is a composer and sound designer based in Dublin. He has been nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award on seven occasions, most recently for Best Soundscape for The Haircut! at the Ark Theatre in 2019 and Best Opera for The Stalls at Cork Opera House. Recent work includes composition and sound design for Yaël Farber's Hamlet at Dublin's Gate Theatre which transferred to St Ann's Warehouse in New York in 2020.