How to Book Unit 44?

Unit 44 is a DIY space and may be slightly different to other venues you visit.

Ethos — Unit 44 is a space to make things happen, things that can’t happen anywhere else! Our main focus is music and so we prioritise bookings like concerts, sound art installations, etc. Depending on availability, we are open to other kinds of events. Note: we do not do commercial events.

What we need from you — The best way to book Unit 44 is to send us an email. You can email Paul at and he will get back to you within 5 working days.

It will make things easier for us if you can provide the following information:
What type of event do you want to do? (concert, sound installation, etc.)

A brief description of what the event will involve (is it 3 different acts performing live? Is it a sound installation on loop? Is it an improv gig? Is it a screening, or a workshop, or a rehearsal?)

A brief description of the organiser/artists involved

What date or date range are you looking for?

Will you need to use our equipment (if so, what equipment?)

Please send as much information as you can about technical specifications. We can help you out if you don’t know what you need (just describe what you’re trying to do).

Is it ticketed, free, suggested donation, or not open to the public? For public events, we often suggest tickets are free with donations accepted. When tickets are being sold, the venue policy is that nobody should be turned away for lack of funds. We don’t take a cut of ticket sales or donations, 100% go to the artists which can be divided as you see fit.

Equipment — Use of the space includes use of our equipment: PA with sub, mixers, mics, cables, lighting, projector, tables, chairs. Tech spec is to be agreed with the general manager in advance. We also provide a stage manager/sound engineer, and a door person. Full tech inventory and a rundown of the basic setup in the space is linked here

Once the booking is confirmed, we will require you to fill in a marketing form. This will include: (1) event title (2) artist /group name (3) genre / category (4) marketing blurb (5) desciption (6) artist(s) / performers(s) (7)date and time (8) ticket details (9) age suitablity (10) duration (11) main point of contact (12) website and socials (13) event hashtags (if applicable) (14) marketing guidelines (if applicable) (15) visuals & videos 

Schedule for a normal concert in Unit 44:

18h00: Set up and sound check

19h30: Doors

20h00: Concert

22h00: Set down and load out complete

For a full tech spec or for tech questions, get in touch with us. 

General inquiries:


Looking forward to hearing from you