Upcoming events...

    BLACKMAGICRAWR August 1 / 7pm / Unit 44 / 10€

    BLACKMAGICRAWR blends elements of Africanfuturism with sensual pop, showcasing a unique fusion of cultural influences. Live at Unit 44, the crew explores their innermost thoughts through industrial rhythms and movement

    Kontakt: Shedding
    August 4 / 5pm / Unit 44 / Free entry (donations appreciated)

    Kontakt: Shedding
    explores shedding dead things for live ones, and for hope for the future, including a new collaborative work by Anna Murray and American clarinettist Kathryn Vetter exploring lived and idealised Irish identities, sets from Murray, Vetter and experimental composer Sebastian Adams, and a group improvisation. 

    Kontakt is a space for experimental and electronic music and sound art; a monthly radio mix on CAMP radio, and an occasional concert series curated by composer/performer/artist Anna Murray. 

    CONTENT WARNING: Physical violence against women (referenced / discussed, not shown)

    Bodyjam —  Day Magee August 29 / 7pm / Unit 44 / Free entry

    Performance artist Day Magee leads a guided kinetic meditation, treating the body and the mind as the creative materials. Narrating creative instructions to varying genres of music, participants move, dance and stim their way into a creative mindset. Adults only.

    the sun also rises — Jamie MonckSeptember 2 / 8pm / Unit 44 / Free entry

    An evening of 21st century classical guitar music.

    American classical guitarist Jamie Monck performs the Sonata by Stephen Goss, Catalan Peasant with Guitar by Julian Anderson, Bosba's the sun also rises, and the world premiere of l’imagérie de nos pensées by Rafael Marino Arcaro.