Unit 44 is a brand new DIY space for music that can’t find a home anywhere else in Dublin.

For information on booking the space, click here.

We are trying to provide an open-minded hub for experimental and contemporary music because the lack of affordable and suitable space for music in Dublin has been stunting ideas and gigs for years. 

Throughout our lifetime as a group we’ve been performing in spaces set up for other artforms, playing rehearsal Tetris around drama classes, and simply not getting invited into curated venues like the National Concert Hall; and we know we’re not the only ones...we got sick of being confined by the expense and unavailability of space, and realised we could use our resources to help everybody else too. 

So we found this gorgeous space (formerly the Harvard Hair Academy) in Stoneybatter, and we’ve kitted it out with audio, lighting and streaming setup - so that people can walk in and record and stream a gig with very little work or technical knowledge. We’re open to all comers: especially anybody who has ideas they can’t afford to bring to life right now. Please get in touch with us any time for more information! 

Unit 44 consists of a main space measuring 9*6.5m with a tiled chessboard floor, white walls and a full-width on-street window; there is a small bathroom, kitchenette and a storage area. Upstairs, we have an office and two studios which are rented out to artists on a long-term basis.

We’ve set a default setup of stereo sound system, room mics, a simple lighting rig and a single-camera live streaming/video recording setup, so that you can walk in and be streaming a simple gig on YouTube within a minute (seriously, it’s very simple). This will always be set up in the venue. 

With a bit of notice can also accommodate more elaborate audio and video setups including multiple projections, four camera live streaming, 16-channel audio in and 8+ channel speaker arrays. We have a lot of experience working with weird setups! 

Go to bookings for more information on how to book the space.